Monday, March 30, 2009

Fresh Pastries!

I was warned that if i kept neglecting this blog, social services would be on my case, so heres some work i completed recently. First up, i have some environments that started off as speed paints and gradually developed minds of their own

Then, we have a personal piece that started off as a design exploration of what a medieval-steampunk powersuit would look like.

Finally, we have some bread n butter rifle designs to keep my head on the ground. Crits are welcome, battering desired!


Matthew Scheuerman said...

Fresh is right! Everything looks great.

I like the far right hand side on the spaceport. Great details. Sorta wish the rest of the spaceport had the same amount of detail.

The towers look really great and ominous. But they could also use more detail imo. Awesome colors!

The Sapper is such great art and such a great concept. Would love to see him move.

and the AC-T86 looks realistic and actually comfortable to use. Awesome work.

jason hazelroth said...

that top painting is awesome. You have great work