Sunday, December 20, 2009

the little update that could!

the point of these postings is more to come up with absurd titles than anything else
anyways! did this piece for the company christmas party competition thinger. Still needs a little work here and there but i am rather sick of it at this point.
a little shameless homage to a childhood hero


Jack Chang said...

Looks great Tan!

Jack Jittkaroonrus said...

Woaw!! incredible!! hehehehe nice!!

jason hazelroth said...

Hey Jia. It was cool seeing you at your work the other day. You guys have really impressive artists and a great campus.
Unfortunately they passed on me, but I hope to reapply there one day cause I really like the work that you guys do.
I'll be taking a job in San Fran though so I'll have to stop by the campus again some day.

Good to meet you


Jparked said...

great work Jia!

joon ahn said...

how are you man, these looks amazing!

Najs said...

Your work is among the best I´ve ever sen , truly amazing!!!

Toyin O. said...

It looks great:)