Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dark Matter Base

  Heres some concepts for the Dark Matter base in Defiance which is located off the shores of San Francisco. On Defiance, i was charged with fleshing out a lot of the design and visual of the Dark Matter faction of the game and getting to explore the main base of these guys was a tonne of fun. This is pretty close to the end game stage and is supposed to present a sharp visual contrast from the other areas of the game particularly the rolling hills and post-apocalyptic civilization feel of marin.
  The first image is a pulled out shot of the overall base, the second is a closeup shot of the front section of the base right before the bridge which is a checkpoint of sorts. The final image is an interior shot that also served as a Dark Matter interior design reference shot for all other dark matter interiors. The fractal pattern and monotone cool color scheme that can be seen in the other dark matter designs in my previous post, can also be seen in this image.