Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dark Matter

 On defiance i was lucky enough to be tasked with developing a visual language for the Dark Matter faction of our game. The Dark Matter are a military alien collective that have spun off from the Votan and have taken over San Francisco as their base in the bay area.
  I started out with quick black and white sketches and gradually with the help of my art director and designers, started steering them in a direction that we felt confident of. The designs ended up being very angular with a pale, drab color scheme that we felt fit the militaristic theme of the Dark Matter units, and was kept intentionally well worn and dark to contrast against the pale white and red of the Dark Matter soldiers and other units.. This was punctuated by hints of high tech machinery and u.i projections here and there, creating areas of rest in the white outer casing of the buildings and areas of detail in the tech details and machinery. We used fractal patterns as an interesting design theme that we overlaid on our buildings as a high spec texture and also used in our energy fields, an idea i suggested that made it into the final. This fractal theme was carried through to many parts of our dark matter design from environments, props to characters.

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