Friday, May 24, 2013

EMC Tech

 Heres some vehicles and props i designed for the EMC faction in defiance. I threw up some of the sketches i did to figure out where we wanted to take the design of these vehicles/props, these were blocked in really quick and dirty and arent the most presentable but were essential in helping me figure out what my art director was looking for.
  The mobile armory in particular started out as a simple weapon vending machine which seemed like such a cliched idea but with the ideas and guidance of both me and the art director, gradually evolved into a mobile weapons distribution unit created by the Von Bach conglomerate. The idea for the final design is that it would basically be two parts, the front end of the vehicle is where the engine and computer would be and the back unit would be a modular container like device that can be refilled simply by swapping it out. This is attached and reinforced by metal struts and there are turret attachments on the vehicle to defend it from attacks. The vehicle crawls through the wasteland on treads and has a plough in front to clear the way and protect itself from mines.
The other props are a bit more straightforward.

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